9. března 2015 v 21:58
men generally work too much to be themselves. work is a curse which man has turned into pleasure. to work for work's sake, to enjoy a furitless endeavor, to imagine that you fulfill yourself through assiduous labor - all that is disgusting and incomprehensinble. permanent and uninterrupted work dulls, trivializes, and depersonalizes. work displaces man's center of interest from the subjective to the objective realm of things. in consequence, man no longer takes an interest in his own destiny but focuses on facts and things, what should be an activity of permanent transfiguration becomes a means of exteriorization, of abandoning one's inner self. in the modern world, work signifies a purely external activity.

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1 mojetemnejsistranka mojetemnejsistranka | 9. března 2015 v 22:51 | Reagovat

but if men believe that "time is money" and are wasting all the time to reach it - which is obviously contradicting - are they worthy to spent their lives otherwise? ;)

2 paralelnisvet paralelnisvet | 9. března 2015 v 23:24 | Reagovat

The poem.
real S. isnt't purposeful
real S. is a lovefool.

3 Akim Akim | E-mail | Web | 10. března 2015 v 10:05 | Reagovat

What the fuck is that?

4 Drápek Drápek | Web | 10. března 2015 v 18:39 | Reagovat

But where it all will end?

5 Sugr Sugr | E-mail | Web | 10. března 2015 v 19:02 | Reagovat

I speak very little English! :-(

6 chudobka1970 chudobka1970 | Web | 11. března 2015 v 18:06 | Reagovat

Neumím anglicky, jsem věčný začátečník ....

7 Evelyn Vivien Evelyn Vivien | Web | 11. března 2015 v 21:26 | Reagovat

Jsem děsně líná si to přeložit, ale je mi jasný, že jde o hluboké sdělení, které zvládá poukázat na absurditu věci, která tě hrozně vytáčí... :D

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